We’re all grown up now

The reality of watching your life slip by during college when high school took forever is a bitter pill to swallow. Getting a job is harder than it used to be and the cost of attending college so that job is even possible is equivalent to selling your soul. This has never been more clear to me than when I registered for my senior year classes this morning. As Ferrara said, I don’t want to just go with the day-to-day flow of life because it is. I want to “Do things that I WANT to do, not just do things that I HAVE to do. “



Have you ever woken up and felt unsettled, because you know how much crap you have to get done, and you don’t really have the desire to do it. Why is it always so much harder to do things that you don’t want to do, while your in school. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes it’s very difficult. For example, maybe my room is a huge mess, and I need to clean it in order to think straight. Or my parents ask me to clean the kitchen. I instantly get frustrated, and don’t feel like doing it, simply because I feel like if I am to be doing something, it SHOULD be some of my school work that I am procrastinating on. This is exactly why I can’t read novels while I’m in school. I love reading books, but I never do, because while I’m in school, if I’m going…

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