Through Remembrance, Understanding

There are no words that can really express the horror that humanity is capable of.  We have such selective memories, storing all the good times and more irrelevant inanities such as celebrity gossip, release dates, etc.  And yet that which hurts us, be it emotional or physical, we push away until we have either grown to numb ourselves against it and ignore its presence or forget the thing entirely.

Why am I lamenting memory and speaking of horror?

“Memory of the Camps” remains one of the most definitive and unforgettable records of the 20th century’s darkest hour.

It’s because I believe we must not succumb to pushing the memory of pain away.  It is imperative that we embrace both what brings us joy and what leaves us aching and wretched, so that we can grow from both our victories and our failures.  I’ve never been more strongly reminded of this belief than in my International Human Rights class, watching Memory of the Camps. (more…)


Better Than I Know Myself ~ Adam Lambert

I know this is late considering the video was released at the start of the month, but I’m sharing this because I absolutely love this music video.

I have been a fan of Adam for quite awhile now and I can honestly say that despite thinking that I couldn’t be any more impressed, I am happy to say I was wrong.  Better Than I Know Myself is every bit of the raw emotion and stunning vocal range and power that fans wanted to see in Lambert’s second album. (more…)

“Married Life”

This video…I generally limit myself to sharing videos like these on tumblr where I can flail with abandon.

However, RustyxGrass truly outdid themselves with this video.  The song “Married Life” is from the Disney-Pixar movie Up.  You know that montage with Ellie & Carl as they grow up and grow old together, in the beginning?  Yeah…that song.  If you are a follower of the BBC series Sherlock, you will know that fans were recently faced with an emotional (torturous-heartwrenching-brilliantly done) season finale this past Sunday.

The creator of this video does an absolutely superb job of capturing the friendship and the bond (or relationship, depending who you ask) that inexplicably binds John and Sherlock.  The editing is great, timing used to evoke maximum emotional impact.

It’s just beautifully, beautifully done.

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