Help Me Make a Difference

Help Me Make a Difference

In honor of my aunt who died of cancer, I am participating in my University’s Relay for Life event at the end of this month (4/26). If anyone would like to help me meet my fundraising goal, I’d be forever grateful. The picture is linked to my RFL dashboard.

To all those who have survived cancer, I am in awe of your strength. To all who have lost someone to cancer, I do this event in honor of you as well.



Giving Back While Going Green


Nowadays, many people are trying to do their part to “green up”. In a consumer society, everything you purchase is a choice and vote for the world you want to live in. One way to do your purchasing is to buy things second hand. Whether you are using hand me downs, shopping at a second hand store or purchasing things off of eBay, you are giving items a second life instead of throwing them into a landfill and creating waste…Giving Back While Going Green.

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