The Broken Empire Trilogy: The Allure of Jorg

A look at Jorg Ancrath the protagonist in The Broken Empire series, which includes Prince of Thorns, King of Thorns, and Emperor of Thorns.

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Print: Dead or Alive?

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In my English 1101 class, my class topic covered Media and Technology. We discussed the idea of print media dying with the vast wave of media in other forms such as eBooks, internet, etc. I wanted to continue a few of my thoughts on this particular topic.

After reading a few blogs on the subject of print versus media, I couldn’t help but wonder how print media will survive in the vast, growing world of technology. As technological advances come to life, I fear that print media may possibly die a slow death. In order for print media to remain a main preference for people, print media will have to evolve. The question “How will print media evolve in the future” needs to be answered quickly or else book lovers, like me, will have to attend the funeral of print media.

I personally value print media more than technology. Though…

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The World in the Satin Bag: We’re Not Your Bitches — Signed, A Book Blogger

The point is:  this is not a job.  We do this for the love.  Most of us will never have jobs at magazines as reviewers.  Most of us will never get beyond sharing our love of books with people who share our interests. That’s just the way it is.

In other words:  we are not your bitches.

The World in the Satin Bag: Were Not Your Bitches — Signed, A Book Blogger.

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