Posh boys grab the bit by the teeth – Film & Cinema, Entertainment – Independent.ie

Posh boys grab the bit by the teeth – Film & Cinema, Entertainment – Independent.ie.

Benedict Cumberbatch (left) and Tom Hiddleston (right)

Benedict Cumberbatch & Tom Hiddleston are both incredibly versatile actors, brimming with talent that makes you want to head over to IMDB so you can find everything they’ve ever worked in.  Honestly, while good-looking is always a plus, for me it is not a selling point unless you can show me that you are committed to your work and you put everything you can into each film/show/play/etc.

If you can prove that to me, then I am more than happy to call myself a devoted fan and support you however I can (even if it’s just telling everyone I know about your work.  Cumberbatch and Hiddleston have both done that and more, remaining humble despite their recent rush into the spotlight.

To these two and all the others like them, Thank you for the wonderful work you’ve done and I look forward to all your future endeavors.


Benedict Cumberbatch joins Star Trek sequel

It must first be said that I am a huge fan of both the old and the new Star Trek series/movies.  It seems that J.J. Abrams has decided to up the promise of the upcoming Star Trek sequel by adding Benedict Cumberbatch to the cast list.  With the fantastic cast from the first one returning, the addition of a versatile actor like Cumberbatch makes for even greater anticipation.  I have high hopes for this movie, and eagerly await the arrival of May 17th, 2013!

“Ode to a Nightingale” read by Benedict Cumberbatch

His voice is absolutely beautiful, the emotion that he reads with is captivating, and it’s impossible not to be moved in some way by this magnificent performance. (more…)

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