“Married Life”

This video…I generally limit myself to sharing videos like these on tumblr where I can flail with abandon.

However, RustyxGrass truly outdid themselves with this video.  The song “Married Life” is from the Disney-Pixar movie Up.  You know that montage with Ellie & Carl as they grow up and grow old together, in the beginning?  Yeah…that song.  If you are a follower of the BBC series Sherlock, you will know that fans were recently faced with an emotional (torturous-heartwrenching-brilliantly done) season finale this past Sunday.

The creator of this video does an absolutely superb job of capturing the friendship and the bond (or relationship, depending who you ask) that inexplicably binds John and Sherlock.  The editing is great, timing used to evoke maximum emotional impact.

It’s just beautifully, beautifully done.

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