Bi Erasure and The Diary of a Young Girl

Be Young & Shut Up


March is Bisexual Health Awareness Month. It’s very possible you didn’t know that! Which is one of the reasons this designated month is so important. Bisexuals are without a doubt the least visible and considered “letter” within LGBTQ, and their specific issues are often even more ignored. This apathy towards bisexual lives contributes to a suite of health problems, including a higher rate of substance use and abuse, higher incidences of mental health issues, and even higher rates of cancer and heart problems. Bisexuals are more able than gays and lesbians to be in socially accepted relationships, but they face the same closeting pressure to suppress their sexual identity and deny a part of themselves. And thanks to heteronormativity, their heterosexual activity is used as an excuse to erase their bisexual identity. To that end, it’s crucial to raise awareness not simply of bisexual health, but of bisexuality itself.


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