I agree wholeheartedly with the view Adam expresses here. It’s good to take actions to change our culture from one where bullying is widespread to one where it is much less common. But that kind of change is sill a long way off, while there are still people of all ages suffering from bullying. Reaching out to them and helping them through the hardship they’re experiencing would hopefully lower the rates of things like depression, self-harm and suicide. Both are important, but the latter is definitely something that can produce more immediate results.

Didn’t Adam once say if he hadn’t become a singer, he might have become a psychotherapist? Those close to him have likened him to the big O (double-entendre intended). Well tonight fans were treated to a bit of the Oprah treatment in an hour-long twitter session about bullying. Adam raised a point that we’ve often thought about. What do you think?


@Artistsupporter@adamlambert Unfortunately, having a thick skin is not very commonly taught.
@S1ngPianoGuitar@Artistsupporter @adamlambert helping to build their confidence and let them know they don’t deserve that treatment is a must.
@Oshi4Real@adamlambert That’s part of it, but kids need role models and a community that supports them. You found community in theater as a kid : )
@evanrachelwoodI always feel bad for the “bully” as well as the “victim” something is obviously missing…

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