Some thoughts on Writing

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There are three parts of being a Writer. You want to be a Writer, with a capital W, in any genre, in any medium, you need to take on three different jobs. Really, this is true of any Creative Professional, but I think of myself as a writer, so that’s the terminology I’m sticking with. Three jobs.

(This is reductive. I know it’s reductive, but bear with me, I’m reductive sometimes. Reductive can be cool.)

First, you have to be the writer. This is the obvious one, and it’s the easy one too; I’m not saying that writing isn’t ever difficult, but even when it’s hard, it’s easy. You know what you’re doing… you’re taking images in your head and turning them into words and putting those words on a page. You might be the most writerly-blocked person on the planet, you might be devoid of ideas and unable to…

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