Next single – Let it be “Trespassing”

By Juneau

We do stan the best global superstar ever! On March 21, mindful of fans’ disappointment over the delayed release of his second album, Adam gave us four excerpts to savor and help us survive the next two months. He even asked fans to weigh in on which song should be his next single. At a fan Q&A he mentioned that “Cuckoo” was the likely choice.

Upon hearing this, the voice in my head cried out “No!!” Now, all four songs are radio-friendly potential hits, each a sonic incendiary device to set the dance floor ablaze. But I would love the next single to be more than a hit. I would love to see it propel the entire album and proclaim to the world that Adam F*cking Lambert HAS ARRIVED. I feel the song could be the album’s mission statement. That’s why I fervently hope the single will be “Trespassing”.

I lay before you…

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